By Prill McAfee 

Music changes the world, because it connects us all……. our hearts, our feelings, and its intrinsic means of drawing us together.

What this long-researched program does is it simplifies complex music.

It does not restrict itself to simple tunes and simple rhythms, nor does it confine itself to music found only in one language.

The songs are chosen to be accessible to children, and also to adults.
The spectrum of the Music Together curriculum spreads over three-years.
There are nine collections, in which the only songs which repeat are the beloved Hello and Goodbye songs.
During the summers, there are three additional collections, which include “favorite” songs from the collections.
The GOALS for these three years is to bring-out the innate music in each child, so that they can achieve what we call “basic music competence”.
They will have the life-long skills of singing in-tune….in any key, and will sing and move with accurate rhythm……in any meter.

Learning music is a process. Consider the time and practice it takes for your children to learn other life-long skills: sitting, crawling, standing, walking, running, jumping……. in other words, discovering, using, and controlling their bodies.

Consider again, the process of language: making sounds, creating recognizable patterns of “mama”, “dada”…….. it takes time and a spiral of development. The connection back and forth, communicating patterns, evolves into speech. It takes time and practice.

For children to learn music at this fertile, receptive time, the teaching needs to be playful and engaging, geared to them.

That is why we use props, such as colorful scarves, which appeal to their unique learning styles of being visual, aural, and/or kinesthetic.

It is why we use movement to help “put the music into their bodies”.

The precious bonding time in class, allows the beauty and delight of music to connect you with your beloved children.

The together time instills and strengthens your foundation of love. It offers tools for communication through the inexplicable power of music.

Making music together is an experience which becomes an indelible memory which lasts forever.

It doesn’t happen overnight, nor in one 10-week session. This program is made of building blocks.

Each block needs the underlying blocks, and it takes time and practice to see how they all can fit together.

The Growth Chart, which was handed-out recently, shows you the process, and how learning music takes time.

From my personal perspective, as a life-long professional musician (French horn player), a mom, and grandma, this program is miraculous.

The joy of seeing families (including my own!) bonding together with music excites me the most. Hearing the children sing notes and parts of songs on-pitch, and watching them beating/clapping/moving in rhythm, is awe-inspiring. I notice this acutely in the classes I visit which have been together for several years. Music pours out of the children, and Communities built on making music together have formed in the classes.

It is truly remarkable.

Prill McAfee received her Masters' and Bachelors' degrees in Horn Performance from The Juilliard School, in NYC. A frequent performer with the New York Philharmonic, she moved to Minnesota to join the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, and remained with them for 20 years. She participated in the Aspen Music Festival, Spoleto (Italy) Festival of Two Worlds, Tanglewood, and Grand Teton Music Festivals. While in Minnesota, she was Horn Instructor at St. Olaf College, taught Horn privately, sang soprano in Choir, and had a business "music making joy", teaching piano, guitar and voice to all ages. Prill recently relocated to Houston, to be near her two young grandchildren, both of whom participate in Prelude Music.