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Fall 2020: In-Person - 8 weeks

October 19th - December 13th | Featuring the Music Together® Bongos Collection

  • $300 first enrollment
    • *for families not currently enrolled in the online session
  • $200 first enrollment
    • *for families currently enrolled in the online session. Online enrolled families ONLY - Click HERE for coupon code.
  • $160 sibling

Tuition Includes:

  • Weekly, 45-minute in-person classes for 8 weeks
  • Family Songbook, CD, and Downloadable Code
  • Prelude Bag with Personal Instruments
  • Opportunity to make-up any missed classes through Zoom


We are extremely grateful to St. Catherine's Montessori who is letting us use their Japhet Campus. At Japhet, the Adolescent and High School communities practice urban farming, and woodworking skills, among other things. This outdoor campus is not being used this semester. We are THRILLED to be having classes there Monday through Saturday at 10:30 AM. We will be surrounded by nature. Did I mention the chickens!? Yes, they will be singing along with us. This location is in East Downtown. There's plenty of parking and restrooms are available.

We will also be opening the doors to Prelude Houston for the first time since March. This will be a soft opening, with less than 20% of our typical schedule. Class size will be reduced to 8 children. We are also hoping to have access to a backyard in West U for class, but it is important to note, this location does not have a restroom. More information about that soon!

Please take class with your children online, outdoors, or at Prelude. We are here to make this world a better place by making it more musical. Let's make Music Together!


Learn more about Prelude's COVID-19 Health & Safety Procedures


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Before registering, please read our Policies and Procedures

For information about pricing, payment plans, or classes please contact the Prelude staff at the front desk by sending an email to



Fall 2020: Prelude Online - 12 Weeks

Featuring the Music Together Bongos Collection, Canta y Baila Conmigo® La Pájara Pinta, Rhythm Kids Kangaroo Collection, Family Ukulele Classes, and Guitar for Beginners

September 14 - December 13 (See live class schedule HERE)

Cancellation Policy:  No Refunds are issued after the first day of classes. There are no exceptions. -

  • $350/Family
  • Daily, 30-minute Facebook Live Classes in the morning and afternoon for 12 weeks
  • Unlimited access to Music Together, Canta y Baila Conmigo, Babies Classes, and Rhythm Kids Classes (Find instrument resources for Rhythm Kids here)
  • Weekly Parent/Child Ukulele Class through Zoom - Find instrument resources here
  • Weekly Guitar for Beginners Class through Zoom - Find instrument resources here
  • Weekly Parent Education Classes
  • Weekly FriYAY! Dance Party through Zoom
  • Access to a private Facebook group where all classes are streamed live daily
  • Access to the Parent Portal where all recorded classes are posted and can be viewed at a time that works best for your family
  • Songbook and CD from a class collection of your choice as well as digital access to the music through the Hello, Everybody App. To find out more about our class collections, click here ... 
  • Option for enrolled families to purchase an additional collection of music class materials for $50
  • Option for a local curbside sing-along, as time and weather permit.

Select Materials for one of the following collections

(While tuition includes online access to ALL class types, each family gets to select one set of music materials (songbook, CD, and digital download) to have at home):

  • Family Class - Bongos Collection
  • Babies Class - Bongos Collection with Parent Ed Material
  • Canta y Baila Conmigo - La Pájara Pinta
  • Rhythm Kids - Kangaroo Collection
  • Enrolled families can also purchase additional materials for $50 
  • While Prelude is not providing materials for the Guitar or Ukulele classes, we do recommend purchasing an instrument in order to participate in the class. Find information about what to buy here.

Find out more about our class collections here. 


Cancellation Policy:  No Refunds are issued after the first day of classes. There are no exceptions. -


Prelude Preschool: A Musical Solution - 12 Weeks

An additional program ONLY offered to those already enrolled in our Fall session.

September 14 - December 13

  • $200/1st child & $50/Sibling (with additional materials)
  • Package with all necessary materials for developmentally appropriate crafts
  • Daily musical activities which support early numeracy, and literacy, and mindfulness practices
  • Daily storytime which will include stories in both English and Spanish
  • Suggestions for great outdoor activities because we know the great outdoors is a child’s best classroom. 


Cancellation Policy:  No Refunds are issued after the first day of classes. There are no exceptions. -


When will Prelude Resume In-Person Classes?

We have a civic and moral responsibility to keep all children, parents, grandparents, teachers, and our city safe. We chose to be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem. We promise to resume in-person classes as soon as we can, in fact, we are working on plans to be able to have class outside or in our Houston studios hopefully sometime during the Fall. If the situation in Houston vastly improves, you will have the option to add a weekly in-person class either outdoors, or at our Houston studios with social distancing and significant safety measures in place.


For information about payment plans, please contact Margaret by sending an email to or Alia at