Spring 2020: An Unusual Solution

Prelude Staff
Prelude Online (location info)
Mon - Sun, Morning/Afternoon
04/06/20 - 06/09/20 (9 weeks)


Important message from our directors:

Dear Current and Future Prelude Families,

You and your children, and our teachers have been in our hearts and minds. As parents, we know what you're going through and understand the many fears and worries which have surfaced in the past few weeks. Please know that the health and safety of your children and our employees is of utmost importance to us.  Being global citizens, we must be conscious of our social responsibility and act as stewards of public health; therefore, we will be holding classes online for our Spring 2020 session.

We are calling this session by a new name, "Spring 2020: An Unusual Solution". We know that children and parents need music in their lives more than ever! We hope that you will make music with us in your home this Spring.

With much love and respect for your family,

Ana Treviño-Godfrey & Jonathan Godfrey, Co-Directors


Spring 2020: An Unusual Solution - 9 weeks

Featuring the Music Together®® Maracas Collection, Music Together con Español, Canta y Baila Conmigo®®, and Rhythm Kids

March 30 - June 1

  • $275/family
  • Daily, 30-minute Facebook Live Classes in the morning and afternoon for 9 weeks
  • You will have access to Music Together, Music Together con Español, Canta y Baila Conmigo, Babies Only, and Rhythm Kids Classes
  • Scheduled video conferencing time with your teacher or any Prelude teacher you child wishes to "see"
  • Parent Education Classes from our living room to yours
  • Digital and/or hardcopy materials (curbside pick-up or home-delivery available)

For information about payment plans, please contact Margaret by sending an email to margaret@preludechild.com.

Upcoming Meetings
04/08/20    Morning/Afternoon Wednesday 04/08/20 Morning/Afternoon
04/09/20    Morning/Afternoon Thursday 04/09/20 Morning/Afternoon
04/10/20    Morning/Afternoon Friday 04/10/20 Morning/Afternoon
04/11/20    Morning/Afternoon Saturday 04/11/20 Morning/Afternoon
04/12/20    <None> Sunday (Easter 2020) 04/12/20
(Easter 2020)
04/13/20    Morning/Afternoon Monday 04/13/20 Morning/Afternoon
04/14/20    Morning/Afternoon Tuesday 04/14/20 Morning/Afternoon
04/15/20    Morning/Afternoon Wednesday 04/15/20 Morning/Afternoon
04/16/20    Morning/Afternoon Thursday 04/16/20 Morning/Afternoon
04/17/20    Morning/Afternoon Friday 04/17/20 Morning/Afternoon
04/18/20    Morning/Afternoon Saturday 04/18/20 Morning/Afternoon
04/19/20    Morning/Afternoon Sunday 04/19/20 Morning/Afternoon
04/20/20    Morning/Afternoon Monday 04/20/20 Morning/Afternoon
04/21/20    Morning/Afternoon Tuesday 04/21/20 Morning/Afternoon
04/22/20    Morning/Afternoon Wednesday 04/22/20 Morning/Afternoon
04/23/20    Morning/Afternoon Thursday 04/23/20 Morning/Afternoon
04/24/20    Morning/Afternoon Friday 04/24/20 Morning/Afternoon
04/25/20    Morning/Afternoon Saturday 04/25/20 Morning/Afternoon
04/26/20    Morning/Afternoon Sunday 04/26/20 Morning/Afternoon
04/27/20    Morning/Afternoon Monday 04/27/20 Morning/Afternoon
04/28/20    Morning/Afternoon Tuesday 04/28/20 Morning/Afternoon