What To Expect In Class

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What to expect in class: 

  • your child will most likely not participate, but might wisely choose to observe
  • your child will most likely not sit in your lap for 45 minutes. Your child might experiment with and explore the environment
  • if you have an infant, your baby will want to chew on all the instruments! Let them!
  • you will have ample opportunity to play, giggle, wiggle, and learn with your child
  • the research-based music and movement class is developmentally appropriate for your child

What you will see:

  • grownups singing, dancing, and connecting with their children
  • children being children! Some will sing and dance while others might be looking out the window or exploring the room!
  • some younger children will keep their instruments after we clean up. That is ok! 
  • Older children will usually take on the roll of the class "helpers"
  • movements and songs that will support your child's musical, physical, emotional, social, and language development

We encourage you to:

  • connect more than you correct
  • let yourself be vulnerable
  • let your children be their awesome, authentic selves
  • always reach out to your teacher with any question or concern
  • sing and dance at home everday, regardless of what you think of yourself as a singer and dancer. You are your child's greatest role model.

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