Week 1: Shapes

Week 1: Shapes

September 14 - September 18

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This week's activities explore two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes. For the youngest children, focus on naming the shapes, counting their sides, and finding them around the house and in the outside world. For older children, focus even more on the names of the shapes and the words themselves. Spend time describing shapes (for example, circles are round like balls, triangles are pointy like arrows) and using words that describe how we draw (like horizontal and vertical, long and short, straight and round).


Conversation Starters

Here are some conversation starters with your kids about shapes. Some questions will be better suited for younger kids than for older kids; that's okay! Even if you and your child talk all week about circles, that's still learning in action.

●  What names of shapes do you know? Use a crayon or sidewalk chalk to draw different shapes and name them. For an older child, label the shapes and talk about the sounds that start these words ("triangle starts with "TUH"). Example shapes include: circle, triangle, square, rectangle, diamond, heart, oval, pentagon, hexagon, star.

●  If you explore three-dimensional shapes, talk about the names of two common shapes: a sphere and a cube. Can you find the square faces of the cube? How many squares can you find? Hold a sphere-shaped ball in your hand. Can you trace a circle around the equator of the ball?

●  Where do we see shapes in our house?

●  Where do we see shapes outside?

●  Experiment with different ways to make different shapes. Use modeling clay, sidewalk chalk, crayons, stones, leaves, or even your body!



Day 1: September 14


Storytime with Kapila - The Amazing Idea of You by Charlotte Sullivan Wild


Activities with Ana

Ana creates shapes with play doh and draws lines and shapes on paper.


Let's Sing Together!



Day 2: September 15


Storytime with Kapila - City Shapes by Diana Murray


Activities with Tricia

Tricia leads a shape scavenger hunt through the house. Tricia shows you how to create a sensory bag with a ziplock bag and liquid. Then, Tricia invites you to write the story of your house and draw your house using shapes. 



Day 3: September 16


Storytime with Kapila - My House by Byron Barton


Activities with Tricia

In today's activity, Tricia will show you how to draw your house using shapes. Tricia will also show you how to turn shapes into drawings of other objects. For example, you could turn a triangle into a Christmas tree or a circle into a pizza! Then, Tricia will lead you in a sound activity where we match sounds to the names of the objects you found on your shape scavenger hunt around the house.


Prelude Preschool in Spanish with Kristina

Have fun counting numbers and exploring shapes in Spanish!



Day 4: September 17


Storytime with Kapila - Dancing Feet by Lindsey Craig


Activity with Tricia

We will use play doh again to roll out dough and make different shapes. We'll practice painting on one of the drawing templates: Tricia shows you how to paint tiny circles onto the circle sheet. Then, we get up and move as Tricia shows how to use your body to jump and make shapes.



Day 5: September 18


Storytime with Kapila - I've Got The Rhythm by Connie Schofield-Morrison


Activities with Ana & Tricia

Ana takes you on a "sound and seek" scavenger hunt around the house to find objects that start with different sounds. Count the objects using your number flash cards. Use the sensory gel bag to trace numbers and letters with your finger. Finally, join Tricia for our reflection for the end of the week: a thinking routine called "What? So What? Now What?"



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