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Children love Prelude Music Classes, and so do their parents! Here's what just a few of our parents have to share about the Prelude experience:

"My son (6), daughter (16 months), and I have so much fun in our Prelude class. Both kids love to move and groove to the music, our teacher's rich voice, and the wide array of instruments provided. It's one of the best hours of togetherness we have all week!"

"Our teacher is our Monday morning cup of sunshine!" 

"Our music class is the highlight of our week! The teacher has a true gift for music and makes the class so much fun for kids of all ages with her creative lessons. The fun doesn't end when the class is over. We have a wonderful time listening to the music at home and practicing the skills we learned in class. I am astounded by how much my 17-month-old daughter has learned from this class. She has actually learned the words to many of the songs and loves singing them and dancing around our house. We are having such a great time and have already signed up for a class for the next session."

"Our family has been doing Music Together® at Prelude Music Classes since my first child was 10 months old. It has been a joy watching their music competence grow, and more importantly, watching it grow by doing it together with me and my husband. This is an amazing music program that both adults and children love alike. At home, all I have to do is sing, "Hello, everybody..." and both kids come running into the room to sing and dance. That's powerful stuff. Our teacher is delightful, playful, and expressive and matches the energy the class (and sometimes my kids in particular) bring to her. Hands down the highlight of our week."

"Thanks to our teacher's cheery, fun disposition, superior voice, and true love of children, my eldest daughter sings all day long and my baby is already developing a sense of rhythm! I cannot emphasize enough the QUALITY of this class ... quality of teaching, singing, the instruments provided for the children to play, and the musical selections sung in class and on the accompanying CDs. There is none of the cacophony of other kids' classes or CDs that I've experienced. Far and away the BEST music experience for young children in Houston!"

"Our teacher is phenomenal. The rapport she has with the kids is amazing. As soon as we pull into the parking lot, our 13-month-old begins squealing with delight. Our daughter began with Prelude at 3 months of age and quickly picked up on the music. She routinely recognizes the songs, sings along as well as she can, and dances right along. Far and away some of the best money we have ever spent on our daughter!"

"I can't say enough about how much we love this music class. Our teacher is a beautiful singer and is so great with our kids. The music is not hokey like in so many children's classes. The parents and children have so much fun during class, and it gives you ideas of how to bring music into your child's daily life. My 2-year-old randomly sings songs from class throughout his day and frequently asks to sing with our teacher."

"My child and I enjoyed the Music Together class so much!  We were always smiling and having fun in class.  I was really impressed when I noticed my daughter started doing new skills after class each week.  Exactly every Thursday (when we had class) she would come up with something new.  The first week she started dancing, the second one she started using her syllables.  By the third class she started crawling.  It was amazing to see every new skill she developed as we continued going to class.  Really exciting stuff.  We will definitely be signing up for next term!" 


To learn more about our music classes for children, call us at (832) 803-7701 or send an email to alia@preludechild.com.